How to install the eZ Admin Interface prototype

The Admin Interface Refresh project has had a concept implemented that can be reviewed live with an eZ Publish install. This is a guide on how to get things working.

The new Admin Interface design is a prototype and it's constantly being refined so don't try this on your production servers.

Starting from a clean install of eZ Publish 4.2 with the the eZ Flow package (with content)
  1. Change into the design directory
    # cd design
  2. Checkout the design
    # svn co
  3. Edit settings/siteaccess/admin_site/site.ini.append.php and change the SiteDesign to admin2
  4. Grab new menu.ini - this is required to display the left hand menus under Setup and My account.
    # cd settings/siteaccess/admin_site/
    # wget
  5. Clear the cache
You should now be able to view the new interface and it should look something like this:

To revert back to the original interface:
  1. Remove the menu.ini from the admin siteaccess
  2. Set the SiteDesign back to admin_site
  3. Clear cache 
Updates are occurring on a regular basis so you can update the design with svn:
  1. Change directory into the new admin design
    cd design/admin2
  2. Update from subversion
    svn update
  3. Clear the cache
Note: If you are attempting to add this to a an existing site make sure you have the ezjscore extension installed.

Let me know if this doesn't work for you via comments and I'll check it out and update the post.

UPDATEI've created an extension version to make it even easier to check out.


  1. Looks nice, a step in the right direction, but only a small step.

  2. good beginning.

    Will the top menu disappear/appear with the right of the user ?


  3. @Nigel - Remember that this is a prototype. I believe that it still in the specification phase.

    @Alex It does appear in the specification as #1.5


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