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Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census 2007

Waugh Partners is launching the first national research project to study companies and contributors involved in the Australian Open Source industry and community. With growing demand for Open Source skills and technology, it's the perfect time to launch a major research effort to understand the strength of Open Source in Australia, the economic potential for the broader Australian ICT industry, our skills capacity, and the symbiotic relationship between the Open Source industry and community around it. The resulting report will be released as a free PDF in February 2008 The census closes next Friday (30 Nov) so if you are working with or providing Open Source products, technologies or services in Australia visit the Census page and fill it out!

Managing eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects – A Review

Packt Publishing have just released a new eZ Publish related book titled, Managing eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects written by Martin Bauer . Firstly I must state that in the past I worked with the author of this book for a number of years at designIT . I've been involved in many of the projects mentioned in the book as well as discussed and work-shopped many of the techniques both with and with out the assistance of a cold frothy beer or two. This book isn't as much a step by step technical guide to creating an eZ Publish site but a series of observations and techniques that can help in specifying, delivering and managing medium to large web based content management projects. While the title and some of the content imply an eZ publish focus, most of the advice could be applied to web content management in general regardless of the platform. The tone of the book is quite informal which makes it easy to read. The book takes the reader through the stages of the