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FriendFeed Room for eZ Publish

I've been playing with FriendFeed for a little while and today setup an eZ Publish room . FriendFeed is a content aggregator that is primarily targeted at "friends", but several projects have been using it at a convergence point for information. In their own words: FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends. I've primed the room with RSS feeds from eZ Planet , the site , eZ Projects and a twitter search for "ezpublish" like terms. Feel free to join and contribute , or simply add the RSS feed of the room to your reader and follow a bunch of eZ news from the one feed.

OpenID for eZPublish

Earlier this year I was investigating OpenID and decided to attempt to integrate it into eZ Publish . I got most of the way before I realised that the amount of existing code I had to replicate meant that the maintenance of the extension would be a nightmare. After discussions at the eZ Developer Day I decided to upload the source to and invite anyone interested check it out. If you want to contribute feel free to add yourself to the group. The extension uses the PHP OpenID Library by JanRain . The version of the library used in the extension is 2.1.1. In future I plan at evaluating the use of the eZ Components OpenID Authentication module . Features The extension provides the following features: Login using OpenID Register Using OpenID OpenID URL management Both the OpenID Login and User Registration work in parallel to the existing systems, allowing users to login & register in a regular manor. The templates have been created for the admin & ezwebmin i

Vote for eZ Publish in Packt Publishing's Best PHP Open Source CMS Award

eZ Publish is a finalist in Packt Publishings' 2008 Open Source CMS Awards . eZ Publish gained a successful nomination in the Best PHP Open Source CMS category . Voting began on September 1st and closes mid October. Visit the Packt site and cast your vote now !