eZ Publish Admin Prototype extension

Following on from yesterdays post on checking out the eZ Admin Interface prototype I've created an extension that can be easily downloaded, installed and enabled.
  1. Download the extension from here
  2. Copy to your extension directory and untar:

    tar xzf admin2prototype.tgz

  3. Enable it in your admin siteaccess by editing settings/siteaccess/site_admin/site.ini.append.php and adding:


  4. Clear the cache
To disable, simply remove the settings from step 3 above and clear the cache.

Note: If you enable the extension via the admin interface (Setup -> Extensions) this will effect all site accesses including your front end ones. 

Things to check out in the prototype:
  1. Lack of Shop and Design tabs - these are disabled by default in eZ Publish 4.3
  2. Hidden right menu. Click on the [+] to expand
  3. Content menu (Left Hand side under Content, Users & Media Tabs) can be variably sized. Grab the bottom right hand corner and drag to desired size
  4. Different context menu when left clicking on items in the content menu (I'm not a fan of how sub items cover the top menu items)
  5. Drag and drop block ordering (When editing a Front Page in eZ Flow) Apparently this is eZ Flow 2.0 (included with eZ 4.2)
  6. Full screen editing (this rocks)
  7. Edit action buttons (Send for Publishing, Store Draft, Discard) replicated at top of edit page
If you have issues with the extension let me know.

Comments on the prototype should be made here. Remember that this is a prototype!
    I'll attempt to keep the download up to date with the latest changes.


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for that one ... I guess the new interface will greatly improve users' learning curve just by not having that much (confusing) menus and links visible all the time ...



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