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Seeking Web Designer with strong CSS skills

designIT is a boutique web development firm specializing in content management systems. We are looking for a keen designer with strong CSS skills to design and style sites for a wide range of clients. In return for the following requirements we provide a positive environment where you will be supported, get to have you say and be able to grow with the business.

You will:
be expected to present your site designs to clients and work with them to arrive at a design that works for the user, and the client's business able to produce CSS/ HTML/xHTML templates from your Photoshop able to produce code that works on a variety of browsers such as IE, Safari & Firefox. have experience in coding with web standards & are aware of accessibility & useability issues when creating sites. have a minimum of 3 years experience, working on a variety of projects with strong communication skills and with a strong eye for detail and good design.Ideally you will also have exp…

Firebug 0.4 released

A new version of the Firebug Firefox extension (for debugging JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax) has been released.

Release notes are at

If only there was something comparable for IE! Tags:

Rebuilding using eZ Publish (Sitepoint Article)

Sitepoint have published an interesting article on the rebuilding of using eZ publish. While the article does not focus on the implementation details it is a good overview of the redesign process and benefits of managing a site with a CMS and separating content and presentation using XHTML+CSS. Tags:

eZ publish EXIF stripping followup

It's been 2 weeks since the stripping of EXIF data was put into place on the willow site. Last friday a redesign up uploaded and as part of this update I added the EXIF stripping to all the images on the site.

The following table shows how these changes have effected the size of downloads:

Week / Action
Bytes Transfered Sessions Bytes / Session Week 1 - no image changes 2.50 GB 6,969.00 376.45 KB Week 2 - striping EXIF data from thumbnails 1.81 GB 7,459.00 254.95 KB Week 3 - striping EXIF data from all site images (minor design changes) 992.98 MB 8,459.00 120.20 KB
As the number of sessions has increased over the period I've used the Bytes/ Session to calculate that stripping the EXIF data from all images has resulted in a saving of approximately 30% (this figure is likely to be effected by the new lighter site design).

These changes have resulted in the site loading much quicker, especially the collection pages that contain a lot of thumbnails.

Those looking f…