eZ Publish 5 Virtual Machine

One of the most common issues of newcomers to eZ Publish is the setup of a system suitable for running it. Without a correctly configured system in place they usually do not get beyond the installation process and abandon their evaluation before having experienced the product. 

The eZ Publish puppet module is an attempt to codify the requirements  for running eZ Publish and provide a means for automatically creating a system suitable for running it - no more following a checklist of "setting up eZ Publish on XYZ".

The eZ Publish 5 Virtual Machine can be found on github at https://github.com/brucem/vagrant-puppet-ezpublish.  It combines Vagrant, VirtualBox & Puppet to generate a VM with the current eZ Publish community version (2013.4) installed and ready to be configured.

The README.md provides details of the requirements and how to use it.

Vagrant is a system that orchestrates the automatic creation and configuration of systems. It has been used to define a system that provides a platform to run eZ Publish.

By default Vagrant uses VirtualBox to provide a local Virtual Machine environment. This allows for systems (guests) to be created and destroyed locally in isolation to your own system (host). For example if you want to test a version of eZ Publish that requires a newer version of PHP that you have installed, you can do so using a VM solution and not have to update your local system, potentially breaking other functionally.

Many thanks to +André Rømcke for his input and help in polishing both the eZ Publish puppet module &  eZ Publish 5 Virtual Machine setup. 

I'm happy to receive issues with or without pull requests on either repository via github.

If you use it or have any questions let me know in the comments!


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