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Experiences using clustering with eZ publish 3.8

ez Publish version 3.8 introduced a specialised clustering functionality that allowed for the storage of all content related caches, images and binary files in the database. All other files are stored on the local file systems.

This is a great improvement over previous versions of eZ Publish that did not include any specific clustering support.

In a recent install we utilised the clustering functionality and found a number of issues that are not highlighted in any of the documentation.

In our setup there are 2 web servers. Both systems serve the site while one was designated the "master" and used for administration.

Our design uses the toolbar functionality to allow editors to add and update content that appears in a right hand column.

Synchronisation of toolbar.ini files from the mater server to the slave is performed using rsync.

After a while inconsistencies in the display of toolbar content was noticed. In tracking this down it was discovered that the toolbar parameters are …


One of the buzzes in the web world at the moment is microformats (all part of this web 2.0 thingi). Basically microformats take the whole semantic web to the next level. Where valid markup uses correct tags to indicate headers, lists and tables, mircoformats use a combination of tags and class names to represent specific structured data.

The first 2 structures that this has been applied to are vcard & icalendar - the microformat equivalents are hcard and hcalendar. Formats also exist for reviews,resumes,relationships etc.

Microformats are a way of taking information that already exists and adding structure to allow the information to be parsed.

So whats the point? Imagine google indexing the site not just for plain text for for specific event information, being able to click on contact information or an event and adding it in your address book or calendar, clicking on an address and seeing it's location (and getting directions) from google maps?

The great thing is that it'…