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Hassle free eZ Publish setup

This is not another how to setup Ubuntu to run eZ Publish guide...well not really.

One of the biggest hurdles when getting started with eZ Publish is successfully installing the CMS. This process often fails because the system on which it is being installed is not configured correctly. If you do not have a helpful systems administrator handy it can be quite difficult to get past the initial steps.

There are a number of solutions that allow you to manage the configuration of computer systems. Two of the most popular are Puppet & Chef. These systems allow you to create "recipes" of how systems should be setup.

I've put together a eZ Publish module for Puppet that:
Configures a system suitable to run eZ Publish Setup Virtual Hosts configured to run eZ Publish Sets up a Database Downloads eZ Publish Configures a kickstart.ini file
It's a bit like a guide to setting up eZ publish on Ubuntu but doesn't require you to manually follow the steps (and that you ca…

It's been a while since my last post...

I've just checked my blog and was quite shocked to see that's my last post was almost 2 years ago!  In my defence I've been quite busy and managed to get quite a few things done in that time.  A few highlights have been:
Winning the 2010 eZ Publish Blogger of the YearWorking with the great team at Vision with TechnologyWorking with old friends and some new onesGetting engagedTravelLearning to love system administration againGetting marriedRunning a local web design meetup group Hopefully I'll have some time for blogging again soon!