eZ Publish release clarifications

In case you haven't seen the comments generated out of my last couple of posts, this is intended to be a summary. Thanks to all the fine eZ crew that jumped on and clarified things.

It appears that jagels missed the middle '0' in 4.0.1 in his initial comment, making it seem (to me at least) like eZ were recommending that 4.0 should not be used and to hold off until 4.1. The advice was actually to wait for 4.0.1.

Version 4.1 will come with the new TinyMCE based OE instead of (as well as?) the existing OE. The new TinyMCE OE can can also be used in eZ 4.0.x sites (Will the old OE work in 4.1 ?)

eZ 4.1 will also include the following enhancements:
The microkernel changes will not be in 4.1. This is not surprising as I'd expect that this is not a trivial task. ( Though I am excited about the opportunities that this change will allow. Can't wait to hear details at the eZ Conference )

The release candidates 4.0.1rc1 & 3.10rc1 have been announced. The announcement contains important information about the troublesome "url alias" issue.

I'm assuming that we'll see 3.9.5 & 4.1.0 soon as well.


  1. Do you know when we could expect a stable verion of 4.0.1?

  2. No, but given the RC1 was announced yesterday and the eZ Conference is next week I'd have to guess it would be after the conference.

    You'd want enough time to get some feedback about the RC.


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