New reCAPTCHA release for eZ Publish

Thanks to Łukasz Serwatka for pointing out some issues with JavaScript in IE7. I've applied the patch and released new versions for both eZ 3.x & eZ 4.x both on the contributions section of the main site and at

It's pretty old news now but the reCAPTCHA extension won the "Contribution of the year" at this years eZ Awards! A little embarrassing to tell the truth, given that the extension simply exposes the reCAPTCHA system which does all the hard work.

If you use the extension please drop a comment on the blog and link to your site. It's great to win awards but even better to see the extension in action.


  1. reCAPTCHA helped stop spam sent via contact form [1] on my personal website.

    Installation and configuration are very easy and quick. I use custom reCAPTCHA look&feel.


  2. dido, before installing reCAPTCHA our church website is was getting hammered with continual bot registrations.

    Thanks Bruce!

  3. Hi Bruce,

    in the past I had no doubts about hte usefullness of captchas.

    Though the better the captchas get the more ppl have troubles solving them.

    The more vital methods of differentation between human and maschine is yet to be found.

    Bjoern D.

  4. Hi Bjoern

    At least with reCapture they are doing some good in digitalizing books.



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