eZ Publish xajax extension upgraded

Recently I've been playing about on the eZ Publish projects site
and have joined a couple of projects. One that I've previously has some involvement in is Kristof's xajax plugin.

I quite like xajax as it's takes care of most of the javascript and allows you to manipulate the browser DOM via PHP.

I've joined the project as a member, updated the xajax libraries to 0.5 beta 4 ( they were on beta 2) and created a download.

Initially I was going to upgrade the extension to work with eZ 4.0, however there was nothing to do. It works fine in eZ 4.0 and my changes are simply an upgrade to the xajax library.

Given the extension basically exposes the xajax libraries and is unlikely to change too much I wonder it it's worth linking the version of the extension to the xajax library version?

Happy xajaxing!


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