eZ publish EXIF stripping followup

It's been 2 weeks since the stripping of EXIF data was put into place on the willow site. Last friday a redesign up uploaded and as part of this update I added the EXIF stripping to all the images on the site.

The following table shows how these changes have effected the size of downloads:

Week / Action
Bytes Transfered Sessions Bytes / Session
Week 1 - no image changes 2.50 GB 6,969.00 376.45 KB
Week 2 - striping EXIF data from thumbnails 1.81 GB 7,459.00 254.95 KB
Week 3 - striping EXIF data from all site images (minor design changes) 992.98 MB 8,459.00 120.20 KB

As the number of sessions has increased over the period I've used the Bytes/ Session to calculate that stripping the EXIF data from all images has resulted in a saving of approximately 30% (this figure is likely to be effected by the new lighter site design).

These changes have resulted in the site loading much quicker, especially the collection pages that contain a lot of thumbnails.

Those looking for others reason to strip EXIF data should read about this "incident", that resulted in this advisory.


  1. Hi Paul

    I've had a quick look at GD but can't see reference to any functions that would do this.

    I did come across one post that suggested that GD doesn't copy EXIF data when making image variations.



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