Thursday, August 27, 2009

eZ Publish 4.2 to include Star Rating module

Prior to this years eZ conference I was approached by eZ systems to allow for my Star Rating module to be included in the eZ Publish distribution. All and all it was a pretty painless process that simply required the signing of the Contributor Licence Agreement (CLA).

The CLA is an interesting legal document as it doesn't specify the particular piece of software that it refers to. I was informed that this is by design as it's intended to be a general agreement where specifics are communicated seperately.

eZ Systems have created a new project for eZ Star Rating on the eZ Projects site where a number of improvments have been made, including:
  • Given it the eZ treatment, better comments, cleaned up code formatting
  • Removed references for full 4.x compatability
  • Changed from xajax to ezjscore + yui3 for ajax calls
  • Merged rating code from ezcore / ezyui
  • Code cleanup (cs & phpdoc and code name conventions)
  • Added fetch operators
  • Added postgresql support
  • Added internationalisation
The upshot is that the Star Rating module will remain under the GPL, I retain copyright of the original work and it's now installed as part of eZ Flow in eZ publish 4.2 (of cource it can still be used on it's own). You can check it out in eZ Publish 4.2.0alpha1.

The eZ Projects site states
I haven't had any communication with eZ Systems regarding this matter and I can't see the point in doing a merge. I don't intend to make any further changes to the original so from eZ Publish 4.2 onwards (there appears to be a reliance on core changes that are in eZ publish 4.2) use the eZ publish version.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

eZ Publish 4.2 User module to get workflow triggers

The upcoming eZ Publish 4.2 (due September 29th) will add a bunch of workflow triggers to the user module. Workflows will be able to be attached to the following views:
This allows for custom workflow events to be run before and after each of these operations, resulting in a massive increase in the flexibility when interacting with users.

Some potential uses that come to mind:
  • Emailing users upon activation
  • Creating user specific content upon activation
  • Emailing users when they change their password
An effect of these changes is that code for these actions is isolated into a class allowing calls to be easily made from elsewhere. Prior to these changes to activate a user outside of the user/activate view you would have replicate code contained in the view. This will also make it easier to test.

I would have loved to see triggers added for login and logout but I suspect that would be a more involved exercise.

Unfortunately this enhancement did not make it into eZ Publish 4.2.0alpha1

SVN changes:
Changes were based on the enhancement request

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PHPList extension upgraded for eZ Publish 4.x

Thanks to sponsorship by DB Informatics the PHPList subscription synchronise extension has been upgraded to work with PHP5 and eZ Publish 4.x

This extension allows for the addition of a Subscribe to list attribute to be added to the User content class. Users are able to subscribe or unsubscribe from PHPList mailing list by editing their profile.